Welcome to Eye for Fashion!!

Filed under Announcement, February 22nd, 2011 by admin

As you can see, the blog had a total makeover. I did this on purpose so that you would know that this blog is under new management. And that would be me of course – Pinay Mommy!!

This blog was supposed to be my sister’s fashion blog but since she is a newbie and bought a lot of domains, I just thought that maybe she could spare this one and give it to me. :p Besides, I only owned a semi-fashion blog and this would be a great start to a FASHION BLOG for real… don’t you think?? LOL!

I am not sure on the realm of the fashion. I think if it was a subject, I would have flanked it big time. But as some people believes… FASHION is a personal statement. Not a TREND to chase after but a personal expression of yourself in terms of clothes and accessories. Therefore this blog will talk about my own fashion statement and of course some tiny bits coming from the fashion world.

Now, if you think my blog is a worthy read, why not follow? Or better yet, if you have a fashion blog, let’s exchange link? My fashion blog will be more alive if it’s welcomed by fellow fashionista bloggers online!!